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Offering Beautifully crafted home elevator solutions designed and manufactured specifically for your needs throughout Northern NJ, Southern NY, Sarasota, FL and Philadelphia, PA

As New Jersey’s largest and most renowned home elevator manufacturing and installation company, we at Accredited Home Elevator pride ourselves on our ability to craft unique elevator and lift solutions. Whether you are seeking a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted custom elevator or just need a simple platform lift to reach your deck, Accredited Home Elevator can design an elevator or lift that fits your needs.

From the start, our elevator design team will work with your architects, designers and engineers to ensure that your elevator will fit seamlessly into your home. Once home construction begins, our project managers and licensed elevator inspectors will work hand-in-hand with your general contractor to ensure that your project runs smoothly and that all building elements are constructed in accordance with current elevator safety codes. All of this front-end work makes way for our team of highly trained elevator technicians to create nothing short of a work of art.

Finally, luxury meets convenience

Custom home elevators take the luxury of your home to a new level.


Accredited Home Elevator provides residential elevator manufacturing and installation throughout Northern NJ, Southern NY, Sarasota, FL and Philadelphia, PA. We are the largest in-home elevator manufacturer in the New Jersey area, and that means we can offer you the best products and service available. If you are having trouble navigating the staircase or simply cannot ascend the stairs to the upper levels of your home, an in-home elevator, stair lift or platform lift may be the solution.

Your custom home elevator is manufactured locally in Barnegat, NJ, with the look and specifications that will complement your home while also making it safer. Our home elevator experts are also based here in Barnegat, and are available to discuss all of our residential elevator solutions, such as:

We specialize in working with industry professionals

If in-home elevators or lifts are-or could be-in your floor plans, contact the local company that installs the most residential elevators in Northern NJ, Southern NY, Sarasota, FL and Philadelphia, PA. At Accredited Home Elevator, we work with contractors and architects to provide the most accommodating and complementary products for the home. Our residential elevators are manufactured here in Barnegat, NJ, so we can quickly provide you with a quality custom home elevator or lift.

Eliminate the additional costs and hassles that come from working with a remote company. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of local codes and have done more residential elevator installations in the New Jersey area than any other company. Call us today to see how we can help you and your customers.

Are you a homeowner and want a better way to access your home?

If you're ready to bypass the hassles and dangers of your staircase and still have access to every level of your home, call Accredited Home Elevator today for a free consultation. Making you more comfortable in your home is our number one priority. Our experts here in Barnegat, NJ will personally visit your home in Northern NJ, Southern NY, Sarasota, FL and Philadelphia, PA to discuss the home elevator options that will best serve your needs.