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Many architects specify Accredited Home Elevator into their design plans when adding a residential elevator simply because we are the most reputable elevator installation company on the Jersey Shore. We have an excellent reputation among builders, architects, homeowners, and elevator inspectors. We will answer any questions or concerns about adding a residential elevator into a set of design plans and will be there every step of the way.

We can also customize our elevator cabs to your unique specifications. We believe that an open channel of support and communication between us, the architect, and the builder is the most efficient way to successfully add an in house elevator from the design phase to the final completion of the project.


The residential elevator dimensions shown are common-sized lifts for a home. Accredited Home Elevator will gladly work with you to design a custom residential elevator to fit within your unique spatial requirements.

Architects can access home elevator technical
specifications in PDF format from the list below:

Residential Elevator Dimensions

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