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Choose us if you’re an architect in New Jersey or Philadelphia, PA

Are you an architect in Philly or the state of New Jersey?

Does your next residential project involve plans for an in-home elevator, platform lift or dumbwaiter?

If so, get in touch with Accredited Home Elevator Company today. Home designers throughout the region have come to trust our Barnegat, NJ company. We can customize any of our elevator systems to your exact specifications. By providing an open channel of support and communication, AHEC will streamline your project like no other company can.


Need something custom in Philadelphia or New Jersey?

The residential elevator dimensions shown are common-sized lifts for a home. Accredited Home Elevator will gladly work with you to design a custom residential elevator to fit within your unique spatial requirements.

Architects can access home elevator technical
specifications in PDF format from the list below:

Residential Elevator Dimensions

7 reasons to work with AHEC

Are you looking for elevator plans that will fit seamlessly into blueprints for a home in New Jersey or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Here are seven reasons to choose a custom design from AHEC:

  1. We offer a variety of layouts. AHEC offers an outstanding number of residential elevator plans. You’ll be sure to find the right one for your project!
  2. We can customize our plans. AHEC customizes our elevator plans for architects and homebuilders throughout Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey.
  3. We plan perfect machine rooms. If your residential project involves a hydraulic elevator, you’ll need to incorporate a machine room. AHEC’s plans will make sure you can provide the builder with an accurate and space-efficient drawing.
  4. We design counterweight elevators. AHEC can provide you with perfect plans for a counterweight elevator.
  5. We’re informative. AHEC has an engineering department that can speak to you or the builder at any time during the design or installation process.
  6. We’re always available. Reach out to AHEC at any time. Our representative will put you in touch with the right department of our Barnegat, NJ company.
  7. We help architects finish their projects. At AHEC, we know the elevator is one of the last pieces of the puzzle. We’ll go above and beyond to help you finalize your architectural drawings.

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