Elevator Permit and Inspection Process

Elevator permit application and inspection processes vary greatly from state to state, and sometimes even from county to county. It is imperative to align yourself with qualified elevator professionals proficient in the ASME A17.1 code.

At Accredited Home Elevator Company, we are experts with elevator codes. All of our Elevator accessibility products are manufactured and installed to meet or exceed current codes. Our experience, knowledge, and familiarity with local inspectors will help you avoid compliance issues, penalties, shut-downs, and accidents.

The professionals at Accredited Home Elevator are experts in A17.1 Code. In fact we employ:

  • Two New Jersey State licensed Elevator Inspectors
  • One nationally certified (QUI) Elevator Inspector
  • One New Jersey licensed elevator Sub Code official.

Don’t be led astray by far away manufacturers and installation companies who operate primarily in states which have no code enforcement such as Florida, North Carolina, and Western PA. The resulting installations could be both noncompliant and even worse unsafe. Call Accredited Home Elevator today for a safe, smooth, hassle free elevator installation